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Dear 1st year student!

     The next year you will get acquainted with a challenging but at the same time breathtaking subject – Vocabulary!
      I honestly think that vocabulary classes will help you develop your natural talent, teach not to be afraid of being creative and showing your initiative. There is no doubt that sometimes you’ll need to burn the midnight oil in order to meet the requirements. In any case, you should remember that making a grade is not an easy task and you’ll need to work hard in order to catch up with the material. However, if you’re a straight A student and a bookworm, the course will be as easy as ABC for you and your success will be guaranteed.

     However, the subject may become a considerable difficulty, especially when you have a tendency to fall behind with completing the tasks. Try to do your best and not to goof off during the classes. Playing truant and being absent without a proper reason will also make you doomed to failure.

     As for me, I always tried to do every task on time, learn words from class to class and look through my notes on a regular basis. That helped me to pass tests with flying colors without cramming before exams. The main thing you should understand is that you need to get down to learning regularly but not to try to learn all the material by heart just during the night before an exam. If you do the latter, your hopes for passing your test will be mostly dashed.

     Bear in mind that there’s always a room for improvement. So use your mental agility and enhance your thirst for knowledge in order to get full marks. Don’t put off doing something on tomorrow if you can do it today and enjoy the fruits of your hard work!

With love,

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