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Education Matters

   There is a rough idea in our modern world that traditional school is the best way of teaching children and the most effective one. Parents send their children to school where they have lessons, get homework, pass exams in order to get their final mark and obtain the diploma.  I don’t subscribe to the theory of Sugata Mitra that such educational system is totally obsolete, but I believe that the level of development of modern technologies provides people with opportunity to find more ways to teach children.

   I take the view that teachers should try to find methods in order to treat every child individually and meet their thirst for knowledge. That would make their learning more successful and bring pleasure. For example, not all children are excited with a fact that they have to hit the books and burn the midnight oil because reading is not their cup of tea and they never find it as easy as ABC. As a result, their behavior becomes worse, they often goof off or even begin to play hooky. That’s why they must be given a right to choose another way of learning which would help them to acquire knowledge as well as other pupils and pass exams with flying colours. Concerning the words of Sugata Mitra, they can study through computer technologies and at the same time keep up with the modern world.

   It is my firm conviction that children must be offered to study different subjects including natural and human science as well as physical training. I think that such approach to studying would help children to try their hand in diverse branches of occupations, find their natural talents and improve them with practice.  Ken Robinson in his speech also suggested improving relationship between teachers and pupils. I totally agree with his words and consider trust and peaceful atmosphere during classes to be one of the most important factors which help a child demonstrate an ability to study. When children are not afraid of their teacher and find him their friend, they show their initiative easily because they know they won’t be punished.

   To sum up, I would like to say that people should grasp the importance of finding appropriate way of studying for every child. Receiving education is not the final aim in people’s life. Meet the requirements for their dreams – that is what’s important. 

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